Here are the last few things I've done. The full list can be found on LinkedIn.

      Mar 2019Present

      JanisonProduct Manager > Senior Product Manager > Group Product Manager

      Skills/Tasks:Product Strategy, ideation, idea evaluation, product roadmap creation, sprint planning and management, backlog maintenance, requirements gathering, wireframe designs, ensure delivery execution (design and build) of features, stakeholder management, status reporting, competitor reviews.
      Description:Janison is a key player in the EdTech industry (learning and assessment) with clients all over the globe. They help small institutions and large multi-nations alike, delivery assessment events such as NAPLAN and school competitions such as ICAS. I started as a product manager.in an Agile team delivering improvements on the core assessment platform. I later moved into planning the core platform roadmap and producing a product strategy for aligning recent acquisitions.

      Jun 2018Nov 2019

      CandidHead of Product

      Skills/Tasks:Turning vision into features, product planning, leading Design team, collaborating with devs, guiding features from design through dev, UX design.
      Description:The platform was composed of several products, so there are the usual activities such as planning, strategy and design execution of the CEO's vision - all within crazy start up timelines and limited resources. I also managed a design team that involved me greatly developing my leadership skills. The team became close knit and immensely proud of their work.

      Oct 2016Jun 2018

      PeakXDSenior UX Consultant

      Skills/Tasks:Consulting, project management and delivery, presentations, user research, workshop facilitation, usability testing, contextual interviews, analytics reviews, solution design, wireframes and interactive prototypes.
      Description:Primarily I was helping clients to understand their users. This usually involved client meetings and in depth user research. Often I would also have the opportunity to create solutions (wireframes or interactive prototypes) and test these solutions with real users and then iterate the design.
      Often working individually but sometimes in a small team of 2 or 3, I was frequently the lead consultant on the project and was additionally tasked with tracking the project. Timelines were very tight but proper planning with the client initially ensured activities were utilised for maximum results.

      Aug 2012Oct 2016

      4impactUX/UI Designer

      Clients: Hearis, Virgin Australia, Greater Group, Groundwork, Lord Mayor's Business Awards, Tatts Group, RSL Care, RACQ
      4impact is an Agile software development house. As their first, and main, UX Designer, I helped them adapt from backend integration type projects, to more user focused applications. We worked in small teams (4-8 people) with design and development happening in quick succession, which was only possible through our very high levels of communication, professionalism and ultimately trust.
      I frequently ran an 'envisioning workshop' at the start of the project which involves working with the team and the client for roughly half a day. This is a product planning workshop where we focus on defining the problem we're trying to solve and who we are solving it for. Once this is defined we generated ideas and solutions, then refined and prioritised based on how well they solve the chosen problem and aligned with the user and business goals.
      Armed with the output from the workshop, we would go into 2 week Agile sprints. My role varied from pure Designer to Designer + Product Manager, depending on the makeup of the team. We maintained high contact levels with the customer and constantly reprioritised and adapted functionality with them to ensure we were delivering the best value at that moment.
      I have yet to experience a client that was not delighted with the resulting solution. They are aware of progress at every stage and often we can deliver more than originally scoped.

      Full work history available on LinkedIn.

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