About Me

      Hi, I'm Dan

      I’m a very experienced Product Manager, UX Designer and team lead. I have over 20 years in IT: A few as a dev, about 20 in UX/Product roles and 6 of those informally or formally mentoring or leading teams. I’ve worked in startups, consultancies, small companies, corporates and government. 
      My strengths lean towards the analytical side (i.e. user research, interaction design, analytics) so I love data-driven ideas, however I’m learning that my biggest asset is to utilise my empathy skills to galvanise teams so they exceed even their own expectations.
      I like to work in environments that are open and honest - which are exceedingly rare unfortunately. Very few places give their staff enough psychological safety to truly be open and honest, without consequences.
      I've worked on a wide range of products and services and I've noticed that the jobs I've enjoyed the most are the ones where that product or service has a positive effect on people or society. You work twice as hard and it's twice as rewarding!

      Dan and the family

      As for non-work info, I live in a little place called Ocean Shores, a bit north of Byron Bay. It is paradise. I never thought I'd care much about knowing your neighbours, but that's the kind of community there is here.
      We're 800m from the beach so I try and get a few surfing sessions in a week - and I need the practice! My family and dogs love the beach too - that's why we moved here. 

      Want to get in touch?